What is “Old and Historic?”

We are proud to be designated an Old and Historic district. The City of Richmond contains 15 Old & Historic Districts, the first one created in 1957 to protect its architecture from destruction.  West Grace Street wisely joined in 1996 to preserve the architectural integrity and the authentic character of the almost 50 acres that make up our district.  Historic districts do have aesthetic stipulations, but they are not intended to hinder property owners.  Bylaws help ensure that the character of the neighborhood remains intact. The stability provided by these standards usually raises property values because investors can be assured that the historic nature of the district will remain intact.o&H districts

As with other O&H districts, like Monument Avenue, this special designation means that we require a  Certificate of Appropriateness  before any proposed work alters the exterior appearance of the property, as it is viewed from a public street or alley.  Please note that the most commonly requested changes are administrative and it is therefore quiet easy to obtain permission for them.  However, please contact the Commission of Architectural Review at (804)646-6335 before altering anything on your property’s structures.

Property owners who wish to use paint colors not presently on the building, or the existing colors but in a different scheme, may do so only by application to the Commission. The painting of previously unpainted masonry will generally not be permitted.

Applications for Certificates of Appropriateness are available through Commission staff or online at: Certificate of Appropriateness.

O&H Guidelines and information on our fellow Richmond O&H neighborhoods!

The exciting O&H color palette once you get approval!


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