Who We Are

Ours is an Old and Historic District that lies between Ryland and the Boulevard, flanked by stately Monument Avenue and bustling West Broad Street.  A tightly-knit neighborhood full of Victorian charm and personality, we boast the best examples of architecturally untouched townhouses with their welcoming front porches, graceful columns and cheerful gardens.  Additionally, West Grace is walking distance from museums, parks, restaurants, breweries, cinemas, schools, bed and breakfasts, a retirement home and small businesses.  You will often find our neighbors stopping to chat on front steps, watching the kids ride their bikes, or walking their dogs during the day or at night, along our beautifully-lit street.  Our summer porch parties are a well established tradition, along with our mid-winter progressive dinner, Easter egg hunt and fall picnic, to name just a few of our creative “excuses” to get neighbors together from West Grace’s 1600 to its 2700 block!

Our Mission
Originally created to establish our designation as an Old and Historic District, todayʼs Association now functions as a full-service community-based organization, improving the overall quality of life on West Grace Street.  We serve as the “voice of our community,” represent the concerns of our residents before City Council, fully support Old and Historic standards, and promote a positive and fun neighborhood experience.

Become a member!
Please visit the Membership page to join.

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